MS4: Mobile Gaming

Write a short review of a mobile game that you have played recently.

Pet Rescue Saga- This is the new game created by King; the creators of Candy Crush Saga. At first I thought that the game was fun to play and a little different from the normal Facebook games. However once you get to levels 20+ they get difficult and I find it hard to pass level 32. I am not a fan of the game anymore and play it when I get bored/loose lives in all the other games that I play. 

Identify another mobile game app and justify your answer. 

Fruit Ninja- The objective of this game is to slice all of the fruit without hitting the bombs. There are 3 different modes : Classic, Arcade and Zen which give you slightly different ways of playing the same game. 

This is a stereotypical mobile game app in many ways: 
* It has easy controls - Just swipe with your finger 
* Good for the casual gamer - You can play as many times as you want without losing lives  or having to start over. 
* Fast levels - Some of them are timed
* Work towards an end goal- Slice as many fruits as you can without hitting a bomb or running out of time.
*No Narrative
* Arcade Style - cartoon graphics
*Basic contextual music - Music that would be associated with 'Ninjas'. 
*In game purchases- you build up 'star fruits' to buy extra blades and also pay $/£ for them.

Identify an app you use that is NOT a game and justify your answer.

Barclay's Online Banking - This is an app that allows you to view your bank balance wherever you are. Other than the title there are other factors that mean it is not a mobile gaming app:
*It requires a password to access the Data 
* Allows you to transfer money to other accounts 
* Colours are basic and match the banks colours
* No music
*Simple Layout 
* Small Images 
* All text/ information 

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