MS4 :Mobile Gaming: Angry Birds

Identify and explore two other games similar to Angry Birds answering the following questions: 
1) Create a list of the shared characteristics 
2) How many of these characteristics are specific to mobile gaming? 
3) How would you classify these games? 

1) This game has a range of similarities to the game Angry Birds.  
* The use of the sling shot 
* The two different types of species 
* One animal trying to kill another (Objective) 
*The faces on the dogs when they are hit 
*The 3 stars on each level
*How the cat is launched 
*Obstacles e.g. walls
*Changes to the dogs e.g the hair 
*The narrative is the same- rivalry between the cats and dogs
*Has a range of levels 
* The levels are quick and have only so many 'cats' 

2)Out of the list above the ones that are similar to mobile gaming conventions are: 
* The narrative is simplistic/concept only 
*The levels are quick 
*Simple Objective 
*Audience gratification 

3) The classification of this game:
Device- PC 
Audience- Casual game
Game Play- Puzzle 
Developer- Kill5Games 

1) The similarities between Land-A-Panda and Angry Birds are: 
*Fast levels 
*Two main characters - the protagonists and the enemies
*Touch Screen Control 
* Small Narrative 
*Use of a slingshot 
*Have to unlock the levels 
*Different worlds
*You can collect objects e.g coins 
*Backgrounds change 
*One main objective throughout the game 

2)The characteristics above that are similar to mobile gaming conventions: 
The levels are quick 
*Simple Objective
*Narrative in concept only 

3) The classification of this game : 
Device- Mobile and Multiplatform 
Audience-Casual Game
Developer-Big Pixel Studios 
Game Play- Puzzle 

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