Media Studies 3: Coursework: Edits and Reasoning

As we have started the filming for our production piece, and because I am the main editor, I have started to look at the case studies that we used in our investigations for inspiration on how to create a successful silent film trailer.

The trailers that I have taken the most inspiration from are :

* A Woman of Paris
*The Artist
*Charlie Chaplin: The Gold Rush

1) To start off with Vicky and I have decided to use lots of fades, so that we can compare it to Charlie Chaplin trailers and to help add to the overall effectiveness of the trailer. It also helps to add enigma codes and entice the audience in.

2) As silent films are black and white in colour I am going to look at the footage that has been filmed and convert it to black and white to see whether the images will look good. e.g  how the clothing looks in black and white and how dark the scenes are going to look.

3) Using the establishing shot fades that are used in 'Charlie Chaplin's: The Gold Rush' and 'The Artist' at the start of the trailer and at the end helps stick to the 'Silent Film' genre.

4) Having Company Logos at the start of the trailer help to make it look official and also helps us to stick to the silent film trailer genre. Using the schools logo also helps to show that we have not just copied a silent film trailer and tried to make it look original.

5) Using two different fonts to separate the information, just like the typography and inter-titles in 'The Artist' trailer. This will show the audience that we have thought about the film and a lot of time has gone into producing the trailer. This also shows that contrast of the characters through the film.

6) Using words on the inter-titles creates enigma codes e.g Love, Desire, Innocence. This is also seen in the trailer for 'The Artist', which helps for a comparison for my evaluation.

7) Looking at the trailer of 'Gold Rush' I have decided to add the characters names into the trailer, and maybe have the actors pose, like 'the dancer' does in Chaplin's trailer.

8) Vicky and I have decided to place the title at the end of the trailer, again creating another enigma code , which is shown in 'The Artist' and 'The Gold Rush', and a chance to compare them in the evaluation.

9) In the 'A Woman Of Paris' trailer the inter-titles take up most of the trailer time, which is what Vicky and I are considering to create even more enigma codes and to also keep to the conventions of a Silent Film Trailer. This also allows us to be creative with the story line without giving to much away to the audience.

10) In both 'The Artist' trailer and 'A Woman of Paris' trailers, they have an inter-title stating who directed the film, which is what I plan to add to our production piece but using my name and Vicky's to make it more unique and to show creativity.

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