MS3: Podcasts on Research Methods

As a helping hand towards the research part of the coursework my teacher gave us all a link from YouTube  and told us to listen to the pod casts as it would help with our coursework investigation. 

There are 3 parts to the podcast and they all follow on from each other. Each part was around 4 minutes long, and it was packed full of useful information that has given me ideas on how to conduct my coursework investigation. 

When listening to the podcast(s) I found that even though most of the information I already knew, some of the added detail to the information was completely new to me. For example I learnt that you could use search engines such as Google Advance to narrow down your search. I also learnt that there is a site called Library Catalogue that could help with finding documents on the web relating specifically to your search. 

Another research method that I learnt about would be Scholarly Journal Articles , which could help me to gain specific information that relates solely to my investigation. I also found that within any investigation when using newspapers that show a biased view of a topic or may not be entirely true , needs to be acknowledged within your investigation. 

I also learnt that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter could be used for primary research to create a bigger sample for your research. Sites such as Planet eStream or Google video , that are mentioned within the podcast, are new to me , which has given me a wider range of sources to find visual texts that can help me to get my point across to the audience that may read my investigation. 

Overall after listening to the podcast , I have learnt a number of different techniques to help me better my research to create a focused investigation that will help me to create my production piece correctly. 

If you would like to listen to the podcasts yourself, the links are listed below.

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