Media Studies 3:Coursework research

For my second year of studying media I have to create a short film/trailer of a genre of my choice. I had the choice to work individually or within a group. I chose to work within a group as it allows every member to focus on one thing along and shares out the workload.  But before I do that I have to undertake a research investigation into my film genre. My group's film genre is going to be Silent Comedy.We chose this film genre because it is 'original' and we have a range of ideas that would be fitting for a silent film.

To start with as a group we all looked at different silent comedies that included a range of famous actors such as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, Rudolph Valentino and Lon Chaney Snr/Jnr. This led on to looking at trailers for the films which gave us a better idea of what was included within a silent comedy and the types of narratives within the films.

For the investigation there were 3 choices we could base the research on:
* Representation
* Genre

I chose to look at representation because I feel that I have a good ability of picking out different representations;how they are shown and what meaning they convey to the audience and using the  small bits of information that I picked up whilst watching the trailers I thought that representation would be an easy topic to write about as the representations are conveyed through actions and facial expressions.

From this I have decided to look at the representation of men because this is a less obvious view to look at and the generic representation of women is simplistic and never really changes.

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