Media Studies 3: Coursework: Adjustments

After having a meeting with our media teacher , Vicky and I have decided to add to the story board that we first created and we also decided to add to our overall narrative within the story board. We decided to do this because our first draft consisted of 4 different scenes that basically told the whole narrative, and overall it didn't seem long enough to become a 4 minute teaser trailer.

After revisiting the story board we have come up with new scenes and changed the narrative of the trailer to add more enigma codes. This allows us to have more footage to play around with and to have a better chance of a successful trailer.

To make our filming schedule easier for us and our actors, Vicky and I have decided to create two different storyboards for 5 main reasons:

1) To help the actors understand where they need to be positioned within the scene

2) To help with the editing after all the filming has finished

3) For help with when deciding what camera movements/angles we need to be used.

4) So that we have at least two different copies in case we lose/misplace one.

5) So Vicky and I can have the written copy and the Actors can have a separate drawn one to help them understand what they need to be doing in each scene.

Using this process has helped us to have a more efficient system of working together and communication. It has also given us the chance to develop an even better narrative.  From this experience alone it has shown me that nothing reaches its full potential first time around and that planning is crucial if you want a successful product.

After checking with our teacher, we are confident that we can start filming as soon as the drawn storyboard is finished.

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