•  USE OF COLOUR- the use of colour within the film trailer is a bit misleading because they are bright and bold whereas the action actually has violence involved. the colours used are dark and grim which hint at danger within the narrative and also show the action involved.
  • CLOTHING- there only seems to be one woman in the advert that is dressed feminine by wearing a dress.

  • CAMERA MOVEMENT- the camera movement is in first person point of  view , as if you are the character within the game, and the image is what you see.
  • EDITING- When the action starts to 'heat up' the editing speeds up to show the action involved and to hold suspense.
  • CAMERA ANGLES- this advert uses a lot of panning shots to show the setting to the audience. The shots are slow paced which shows the audience that this game is one of stealth and patience.
  • SOUND EFFECTS- The sound effects are shown through out the advert, mostly for the numerous explosions.
  • MUSIC- the music sets the mood for the plot-line of the game.
  • VOICE OVER- to start with the  female character is humming , and then and the main character starts to talk about the story line of the game, which is non -digetic sound. There is also a sound bridge where the humming carries on into the next clip and then turns into the music.
  •  TRACKING SHOTS- this advert uses a tracking shot because it follows the protagonist through the action of the game. This lets the audience get involved with the game/action.
  • CAMERA SHOTS- the most common type of shot within this game advert is the close up shot to show the characters face and the facial expression.
  • EDITING- when the  protagonist starts running through the ship the editing starts to speed up slightly to create suspense for the audience to see if she will make the jump or not.
  •  SOUND EFFECTS- the sound effects within this game advert are used to add drama/suspense to the advert ,which is a good way to appeal to the target audience. 
  • VOICE-OVER- the voice over is the protagonist talking about herself and hinting at the story line of the game. The voice-over is non-digetic.
  • MUSIC- the non-digetic music helps to make a dramatic effect and keeps tempo with the  scenes. 
  •  CLOTHING- the clothing that the protagonist is wearing are not really practical for the setting/situation that she is in, however this also makes her look ' sexy'/ 'appealing' to the audience.
  • USE OF COLOUR- the colours used are dark and grim which hint at danger within the narrative and also show the action involved.
  • EXPRESSION- the expression of the protagonist is serious and 'set straight' , which makes the character more 'realistic' and also hints at the plot line of the film.

  • CLOTHING- the clothing of the protagonist show that the game involves combat through the body armor and the khaki colours also hint at the fighting aspect of the game.
  • GRAPHICS- these are showing different types of war e.g explosions, bombs,fighter planes, and also gun fighting. This also hints at the violence of the game. the graphics used are also very life-like and hint at war in the real world.
  • EXPRESSION- the expressions of the protagonists are grim and stern, which shows that they are determined,and their minds are set on one thing, and one thing only. Their facial expressions also show that they are constantly thinking of the next 'move'  within the game they are going to make. 
  •  CAMERA MOVEMENTS- There are a lot of tracking shots used to follow the action and to give the audience a taste of the actual game. 
  • CAMERA SHOTS- Within this game advert there are a lot of close-up shots used, because this allows the audience to see the action up close and shows a range of different things happening. 
  • EDITING- Looking at the editing, it shows different shots happening in slow motion , which gives the audience the chance to watch the action with out getting confused. the editing also adds effect to the advert by adding a slight suspense through the slow motion. 
  •  DIALOGUE-The dialogue within the game advert is very informal and , also engages the audience , as the protagonists are talking at the audience. The use of the actual words sound similar to what army soldiers would say in combat/war.  The line 'guess who brought a jet to a gun fight' is also used as a reference from another moving image.  
  • SOUND EFFECTS- The sound effects are used mostly for the graphics e.g the bombs , and the noise of the explosions. This allows the audience to have a close experience of what war sounds like, without being in a dangerous situation. The volume of the effects also hints at the sounds of war.
  • MUSIC- The music within this game advert is non-digetic and is only played half way through the advert. The music type sounds rock and roll which adds a war like effect on the audience and it is also used as a way to show the audience that this is just a game.

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