Media Studies 3: Coursework: Characters and Reasoning

Whilst most films tend to give the characters names that fit into the story line and the characters personality, Vicky and I decided to vie away from this stereotypical convention by just giving simplistic and explanatory names to our characters.
As my previous post about our cast list shows, we have chosen to go with names that just introduce the characters to the audience:
* Guy
*Old Lady
*Fellow Chap 

Having 'Mystery Man' as a character name, creates an enigma code to entice the audience to watch the full trailer to satisfy their curiosity and decide whether they would want to watch our film.

As our genre is a silent comedy we decided to add part of the comical sense into the characters names. For  example we have decided to give the fake pig a really elaborate name : Prince Persnickety Perryweather Pigworth the Fourth.

The character names also help up to identify the characters to the audience, without getting the names mixed up.

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